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Grounding... what does that even mean? 🤷‍♀️

"Don't Panic" the artwork photographed here is located at winwood walls in Miami Florida

Every now and then I hear the word grounding being thrown around, but do people really know what it means to ground. Over the last couple years I have found that grounding, although a very broad term, is actually very specific to the individual. You may find tons of literature on how to ground and different methods of grounding. The truth is, not every method is going to work for everyone. In fact there're some grounding techniques I have found that make me feel even less grounded. Yep thats's right!

For some of you reading this, this may sound very familiar. For so long I was confused, and thought to myself "maybe I just don't know how to do this thing called grounding." The truth is that grounding is an art form, it is all about connecting to yourself, but more importantly learning more about yourself. Many times when I meet with clients and they're working on their self discovery or leaving a horrible relationship. I often tell them to "Get to know yourselves. Go on dates with yourself. Learn to love yourself." Well the same is true when it comes to grounding. "Get to know your body. Learn to love your body. Know what makes you tick." Yes, this may sound weird, but to be able to ground you must ground in and go to those places. More or less you are grounding "in" and then grounding "down."Grounding is all about centering yourself.

Think of an electrical socket, the small little circle part is actually the grounding port. A plug must go in, center the energy, connect and then go down to ground even deeper, making a stronger and more stable connection. If there is a problem with the port and the grounding mechanism then the electricity would not be able to come out properly. Here are the facts....We are connected to ALL that surround us both inside and out. Which is why at times we feel anxiety, fear, excitement, etc. when things are happening. This is a response to what is around and sometimes what is inside. It is in those moments that we need to ground, or to "tame" all that emotion and energy circulating through and around our body.

When something is plugged up into a socket there's so many bolts of energy/electricity running around and the cord, as well as the grounding socket, helps energy center and then ground below allowing the object to harness and tame the energy. Crazy huh? One of my guides always reminds me to center, ground,and connect or what I sometimes call it CGC. Grounding is like breathing and like water we all need to do it and we all need it to function. So when people ask me what is grounding I tell them that grounding is a way of life. It is how we connect to what is going on around us and being in the present. Grounding is a way that we can harness our own power, Potential, And energy and use it to catapult forward in the direction that suits you best. Grounding is a connection, A deep emotional mental spiritual connection to the self into that oneness, that soul within. Grounding is a coming to the present. Many times when clients come to me and they're experiencing problems in their life or traumatic events the lack of grounding always plays a factor. Majority of those times just by learning how to ground their life feels much better then it did before. So take some time and go on some grounding dates with yourself and see what works best for you... you will thank me later.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me and Stay tuned to my events page for upcoming dates for my Grounding Series Workshop. Peace, Love, and Light!



"I honor the spacing you where loving beauty dwells, and when I honor that spacing you, and you in turn honor that's space in me then we are truly in a state of oneness. So From my heart to yours, Namaste."

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