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I am a firm believer that we are all lifetime learners. Workshops and events are always a great way to continue to build upon your foundation. One of my passions and joys come from running groups, workshops and education events that will help people become the best versions of themselves. Below you will find a series of events that I have hosted and that will be coming up.

Sandy Beach



This monthly meditation series offers you an opportunity to take time for yourself and tune in to you! Tune up your body, reenergize yourself, and reconnect to your soul. Don't let the stress of the month drag you down. This is your time to take care of the most important person you know...YOU! Then, and only then will you have the energy to take care of all other loved ones in your life.

If there is a topic or event that you would like to see or host then please send me a message and I will be more then happy to connect with you. Please stay tuned for more upcoming events. 



APRIL 28TH 2018

This event is the first of the 3 part series called Grounding into Your Oneness. This even is jam packed with tools that will help you ground and connect to the oneness inside. During the workshop you will be guided on how to ground and I will help you develop a deeper understanding  for grounding and the importance it plays in your life, mind, body, and spirit. During the this 3 part series you will learn how to ground, cuts off, and receive so that you can truly develop and have the life you want. 



JUNE 2, 2018, JULY 22, 2018

This event will go in depth about what are cords and attachments, how they affect us, the various types of cords, learning and how to sense an feel for cords. We will also go over various techniques to removing cords and also go over how to scan and remove unwanted and dissonant energy that may be in your aura. We will go deeper in understanding how you aura is connected to grounding If you're looking to further your emotional and mental connection then this will be a great workshop for you.

Red Leaves


JUNE 23, 2018

This event goes in depth about manifestation And how it is connected on a mind, body, and spirit level. Participants will learn how to use grounding techniques to remove past attachments and to be able to receive what is theirs. Learn how to identify what is blocking you from having a life you dreamed of. We will discuss ways of understanding what our soul is trying to tell us about the things we want to manifest. We'll be working with our guides  in spirit to help us achieve what is for highest and best. If you're looking for a way to connect to yourself and achieve the things you've always been dreaming of then this is something you will want to attend. If you're looking to further your spiritual, emotional and mental connection this will also be a great workshop to attend.

Children's Room


JULY 28, 2018

This event is all about living your life with intention, passion, and purpose. see just how much mindfulness can change your life. Understand on a deeper level just the role that mindfulness or the lack of awareness can play in your life. Tap in to the healing powers of mindfulness and awareness and create that shift that your soul has been looking for.

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